As the daughter of a third-generation tailor, I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn the family craft. At an early age, I was taught by my father how to sew, and he was taught by his father who started the business. I guess you could say we were a “tight-knit” family. I still remember watching my father spend hours (of the day) fine-tuning the minor details of a simple, yet elegant handmade design. To my father, quality was never an option; it was a requirement. In 2003, after attending art school where I received a Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design, I decided to combine my passion with my degree to carry on the family legacy of designing custom-made handbags using the finest natural materials and leathers. Today, with the help of my family, we produce some of the most beautifully stitched original designs available, because when it comes to handbag fashion, we know beauty is on the shoulder of the beholder.

More about the brand:

I design for a beautiful, smart and happy woman.
She finds luxury in quality, artistry, and uniqueness