The Art of Accessorizing: Add a Masterpiece into Your Wardrobe

by candy woolley | December 27, 2014

Give a pop of color with a ‘candy woolley’ handbag to a one color outfit, or break rules by mixing them with patterned prints as often seen on the major runways. Candy Woolley’s signature metallic python skins also add a luxurious touch to an evening event on or off the red carpet.

During the month of December 2014, tour the Sheila Payne Art Gallery at Plaza Del Mar in Manalapan, Palm Beach, Florida. In the side room there is a collection of handbags by Candy Woolley happily cohabitating with Sheila’s modern art. Around the gallery you will find collections of paintings, collages, sculptures, and stone necklaces with artifacts by Sheila Payne.

Facts about Candy Woolley: Candy Woolley is a happy wife and mother of two beautiful boys. She studied art and photography at the University of Central Oklahoma, later moved to Florida and obtained a Bachelors of Science degree in Graphic Design at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale in 2001. Candy learned to sew at the early age of 13, her sewing skills were taught by her father, a third generation tailor and her mother. Candy began her home and fashion accessories business in 2003, while working full time as a graphic designer at Warner Bros. Publications; creating accent pillows, decorative vases and jewelry. In 2005, she added handbags to the collection, this allows her to incorporate her love for art with her sewing skills. It also gives her the opportunity to work alongside her mother, Alicia. Combining their skills, talents, and experience they make the perfect team!

Every bag is made one at a time in her studio in South Florida fusing traditional and modern techniques. Her style is graphic and exotic; but not lacking sophistication or elegance. She uses a combination of skins and colors. Her bags are often carried on the red carpet and by socialites at important events. Candy Woolley also creates bespoke bags for clients that need a specific design or color.

Sheila Payne's gallery is located at Plaza Del Mar 2784 South Ocean Blvd. Manalapan, Palm Beach Florida, 33462. The gallery is in the corner by the plaza. To arrange a personalized visit to the gallery, please call Sheila Payne at 561-469-9240.


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