Great Show at Sheila Payne Art Gallery

by candy woolley | December 06, 2014

On December 5th, accessories designer Candy Woolley had the honor of exhibiting her handbag collection at Sheila Payne Art Gallery in Palm Beach. The handbags complimented beautifully with Sheila's colorful and imaginative work. Sheila is a multitalented artist with an incredible imagination, she creates contemporary works such as paintings, sculptures, and even jewelry. The combined show was such a success that Sheila has invited designer, Candy Woolley to permanently exhibit her collection of handbags in her gallery. An entire wall in the side room will be dedicated to 'candy woolley' artistic, one-of-a-kind bags in the next few days.

If, you find yourself in the Palm Beach area, please stop by and meet Sheila Payne, she also has a studio in the gallery where she creates her exquisite work. Be sure to explore every corner, you will surely want to leave with either a contemporary painting, an exquisite sculpture, or a wearable piece of art from her one-of-a-kind necklace collection and maybe also with an exotic 'candy woolley' bag! 

Sheila Payne's gallery is located at Plaza del Mar 2784 South Ocean Blv. Manalapan, Palm Beach Florida, 33462. The gallery is in the corner by the plaza.

In the picture below, Leah Miles is wearing a necklace by Sheila Payne and a python handbag by Candy Woolley, both pieces can be purchased at the gallery. To place an order, please call Sheila at 561-469-9240 or visit her facebook page here. Scroll down to see samples of Sheila Payne's art.

Leah Miles Sheila Payne Art Gallery Palm Beach

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